Monday, June 14, 2010

Inspired by the Glow of Eventide Along the Water

Daily Practice

I am still working to bring the 'splatter and splash' to my landscapes. Yesterday, my friend Linda came over to paint while her husband joined the jam group to play music. I was teaching her how I 'splatter' and after I tossed the paint, asked her what she saw.

To my surprise, she suggested a landscape -- and so while she worked on sunflowers, I worked to 'see' what she saw-- and so this landscape came about. It was fun -- and I'm very grateful she helped me see the splatters through her eyes...!

C's jam went so well -- music was grand, and our neighbors came by as well to hear the group. Some had to leave early when, yep, another storm came up, and battered our pretty flowers with heavy rains. Mercy, the area between the house and garage was running water as though it were a river! The hot-storm-rain pattern is with us this week - I hope it doesn't rain out our trip tomorrow.

Stay well!


Teri C said...

Beauteous colors! I love their brightness and perfect for a landscape!

Lorraine said...

OH MY GOODNESS. Between you and Linda you've created an incredible painting. I love love love love the colors (did I say I love the colors????). And the free form of the landscape AND the reflections are just too good to be true. Oh Lin, this is one after my own heart. I will be trying to copy this when my "teacher" teaches me how. I love love love it.

And glad you all had such a great day. Our storms started in the night, went on all night long and I think are now over for a few hours but the forecast is for more of the same all week.

Thank you for a gorgeous, blow-me-away painting.

Joan said...

The splatter and splash works great for this landscape and the reflection in the water!!! Good idea!! I love the flowers below...awesome yellows!!! Glad you had fun and company to paint with.

Have a great day!!

Pat said...

Great painting and love the splish and splash of accidental surprises. I will pray for smooth sailing for your trip.