Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inspired by Roses

Inspired by Roses
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Daily Practice

Visiting rose gardens, the Arboretum and my own Knock-Out Roses, the various colors, shapes, forms, and their heavenly fragrance - all inspired this splashy attempt. I tried to keep the leaves and feeling 'light' and so the more yellow of the leaves.

Yellow - yep, seems to be 'my' summer color -- I suppose the influence of that color choice must be our incredible heat. We're hitting another day of 100F with equally high humidity. The plants, earlier fed by weekly rains, are beginning to show signs of stress as our preciptation moves from "constant" to 'scattered' and a water hose just doesn't do the trick.

I put up another 38 jars of plum preserves last night - and there are another 2 batches to make this week. We should have enough plum preserves, my husband's favorite, for the next 6 years! LOL

My friend, Jodi, is coming to paint today -- yahoo! And the last of the jams are already in the final stage of hot water bath sealing.

Our peaches, heavy on our small tree and weighing it down to the ground, are still hard as rocks. We keep watching them so as to gather some before the deer! We picked over a gallon of blueberries yesterday from our 5 bushes - and there are as many more still on the plants. Now, what to do with those? LOL

Stay cool!


Lorraine said...

Gorgeous soft roses -- and beautiful yellow leaves!! Yup, your color this summer is definitely yellow. But oh those rose colors - delicious and summery.

Wow; your fruit and berries runneth over! The blueberries are so good for you and I hear they freeze well for winter!

So glad the energizer bunny is going to have a play date today! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Lorraine said...

Forgot to say that blueberries make a terrific syrup for pancakes and waffles and also jam/jelly.

Teri C said...


Joan said...

Wow! Your shading and colors in the roses are just gorgeous!! I just love how you get such wonderful vivid colors with the splashy technique. You could be giving lessons!!!

It is hot and humid here today, so I'm enjoing my time on the library computer in a very cool room. Enjoy!