Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Sea and Grass

The Sea and Grass
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Quarter Sheet
Arches 140#CP

Simple shapes, variety, contrasts, dark against light, light against dark, white space, center of interest - all were part of Sterling's wonderful instructions, demonstration and lesson. While the photo reference was one I brought (from Wet Canvas), Sterling demonstrated these principles from a photo he had from a trip he and his wife made while out west. It showed a canyon and valley and was completed in 90 minutes!! Magic! My friend Joan ( has been painting beach scenes from Long Island (where I was raised) and has me so longing for salt water that I just HAD to paint something 'beachy'! Sterling helped with this painting by indicating some of the contrast areas that gave the painting more 'pop' and strengthening values to increase contrast. EXCELLENT!

BTW, he had a copy of his new book -- oh my it's going to be a winner!! I came home and ordered one immediately! LOL

Two more days of intense learning -- can't wait. Though I have to admit, I am tired already! LOL

Still no rain, and still mighty hot. We have a few grape tomatoes turning red, and the vines are now 7 feet tall looks like a jungle out back ...!

Stay cool!


Teri C said...

WOW, it is beautiful. YOu do learn your lessons well! Just gorgeous!

Lorraine said...

Wow for the land and wow for the water -- great painting all in all. And I love the way you have the sun playing over the whole painting. Terrific!

Thanks for the link. I enjoyed the video and want to order a book or DVD too. Enjoy the next two days.

Ann said...

Beautiful! Lucky you taking a workshop with Sterling Edwards! I just got his new book and have already tried one of his demo exercises - a real eye-opener for me in painting with watercolor. It's a gorgeous book too. You will love it!

Joan said...

Wonderful work!!! I love the contrast of the darks and lights. His class must be wonderful to take. Now I'll go check day 2.