Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Dreaming

Beach Dreaming
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Daily Practice

It's back to a short week at work -- the pile of paperwork and 'musts' await me, and after a week at home, I'm still dreaming of beaches and leisure sunny days....

We had bit of rain and storm last night - so I'm glad the gardens got an additional bit of water.

We're cooling off to the mid-90s this week -- ahhh ... cool?? LOL

Have a great week!


Lorraine said...

This is so gorgeous -- looks like a photo!! Love all the colors and the detail of the beach grasses.

A bit cooler here today too -- if you can call 87 and humid cool!!

Teresa said...

A beautiful painting!

Re: 90's...... but you like warm weather ;-)

I'm praying for an early fall and a cold, snowy winter ;-)

Teri C said...

I just love your beach paintings. They take me right there.