Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clusters of Queen Annes Lace

Daily Practice

After staining every window in the house, washing curtains, hanging window treatments and then curtains, cleaning the spills and mess, I wanted some 'fresh air' from the order of the finish we were using.

Hot as it was, I walked around our road and spotted some of the last Queen Anne's Lace flowers. I LOVE their daintiness and the way they really brighten our green roadsides.

I started by adding masking, then splashing on colors, especially focused on the flower bottoms.

I really liked the lighter version, but after thinking about it a while, felt the colors needed more stregthening to contrast with the whites. I scanned both versions because I rather like them both! LOL

C has his jam today and I hope to rest a bit and find some time to paint a bit more before the workweek.

After all the threatening clouds, not a drop of rain -- sigh ... Alaready the sycamore trees are showing signs of stress and have turned yellow as they do in September, and our crab apple tree has also dropped a lot of leaves.

Rain dance anyone?


Lorraine said...

Ah, they are so delicate compared to the red hen!!! I like them both. The first one is more ethereal and impressionistic and the second one more colorful and detailed. I also like the angle you chose. What a nice variety of "Annes Lace" you've given us this summer!

Wow; you accomplished so much with the new windows. Bravo for you and C and I'm glad you have a day to rest and paint today.

PS The rain we had watered our very dry and burnt looking grasses too and our trees are beginning to shed and look yellow too. Why is is always feast or famine!!

Teri C said...

I really love this one. The 'blooms' are so delicate and airy.