Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dark Stormy Night

Dark Stormy Night
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Daily Practice

The rain has arrived! And with it cooler temperatures, winds, thunder, lightning -- a good solid soaking that should last several days. YAHOO!!

This impressionistic painting is based a bit on imagination as I work with some 'loose suggestive' ideas from Jean Haines new book "Colour and Light in Watercolor' -- what a beautiful display of her own splashing and creating techniques .... Harder than it appears (as all paintings seem too! LOL) - I've been working on some of those techniques all week -- much to my frustration! My own need for a bit of solidity and line coupled with what I love about splash and splatter tend toward a creative tension that doesn't always resolve itself in a work I like ... I suppose that is part of the struggle of growth -- but it certainly fills the trash can! LOL

Hope your day is great - rain finds its way to your thirsty plants - and we all return to the 'flow' ....

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Lorraine said...

Wow; outstanding; love the energy of this piece and the the bright light off to the side. I haven't played with anything in her book yet but am saving a spot on the wall for whatever I am happy with (if) and also one of yours and Karlyn's methods (if)!!
You go girl.