Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Field of Cosmos

Field of Cosmos
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Daily Practice

I've been trying for weeks to capture that elusive lightness of cosmos as they dance in fields of grasses and other flowers - this is the closest I could come to that vision .. I'm still not thoroughly happy with it -- but it's close.

Thank you for all your kind comments and well wishes yesterday. The surgery went well and my vision is clearer this morning. I can now actually read a bit with that one eye -- something I haven't been able to do since I was 12! LOL Ah, modern medicine! The second surgery will be done after this eye heals -- and in my head the song 'I can see clearly now' keeps playing ...! Gratitude fills me.

Temps will be extreme this week with triple digits predicted and no more rain showers. Typically, NC feels this kind of weather in August - but we've an early start this year ...The high heat is affecting much of the east coast this week - so I hope everyone stays cool and hydrated ...

Be careful outside ....


Teri C said...

I am so happy to hear the surgery was successful!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE these cosmos. I planted some for the first time this year and they are gorgeous just like your gorgeous painting!

Lorraine said...

The Cosmos are gorgeous as are the little blue flowers and the background. You are seeing clearly now LOL. So happy for you. Since you were 12!! Wow; the things you must be seeing. And of course that means that we will all get to enjoy even more detailed beautiful paintings from you than before LOL.

Big healing hugs,