Monday, July 05, 2010

Gardenias - White on White

Gardenias - White on White
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Daily Practice

One lone gardenia lingers on my small tree, still fragrant and evocative against small leave of vivid green. I painted this last month when the shrub was in full glory, and have been 'considering' a background for the last number of weeks. After all this time, I am still undecided, and so I have left this a 'white on white' study -- no drama, no 'pop' - merely the tender, sweet blossoms, painted more botanically than loose, with a halo of green their only decoration, a record of their blooming and enjoyment.

The grands spent the day yesterday -- busy time - and fun! How they've grown -- they truly are almost as tall as me, it seems! (not that that would be hard! LOL) We picked another bucket of blueberries, walked and ran and chased and played 'troll', made "I love you' cards, watched a movie, ate ice cream, made our plucked apples into sauce, and chased the kitties. It was fantastic to catch up with my son and his new finance, and have the day to linger with family and those we love.

The men return to work again on windows, the high temps are back, and still no rain. It's hose time again.

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

I've always loved your botanical studies and I think this one is just right. White on white is a yet another testament to your talent and the flowers are balanced nicely with the green leaves. Such delicate flowers. Lovely!!

Jona said...

Dear Lin,

what a surprise to look at your recent works. It looks like I've been away for a year, not a month. I see an explosion of fantasy and freely expressed motives, you have such marvellously clean washes. It looks like a new technique to apply colors. You made a huge jump ahead. Simply fantastic. Among my favourites are the anemones and that "Sterling Edwards" barn.
BRAVA, Lin!!!

Teri C said...

It may not jump off the page but it doesn't have too, it's beauty says all. I can almost smell them.

Joan said...

Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I can almost smell these!!!