Sunday, July 18, 2010


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Daily Practice

I got home yesterday, unpacked the car, and the storm hit! Dark clouds, thunder, lightning, and rain -- sweet, blessed rain! Once I reached Raleigh, I ran into the stuff -- it stopped traffic for a while -- but oh how joyful I was to know the garden, the trees, the animals, were finally getting a bit of water! The rain and my views from the road inspired this memory painting.

The month-long drought at the house, though, despite watering, has hit some trees hard. I imagine that the accumulation of several years of drought have stressed the trees sufficiently that this last bout was the perverbial 'straw' that broke the camel. Sycamore leaves, yellowing months early, are now on the ground, and the trees stand almost bare .... it looks like they're celebrating and early fall ... but I know how susceptible they are to any insect or disease that might come along.

And I know that these are not the only plants under stress. Shrubs, annuals, perennials are also hard hit. Talking with other gardeners I find that they've lost specimen trees of all kinds, prized shrubs, perennials they've had for a long time. Sad.

Temps are supposed to be in the high, high 90s this week --- I'm trying to look at this as though it's a free visit to a sauna .....LOL

I've much to catch up on today -- I already miss the grands -- but oh, it's good to be HOME!


Lorraine said...

Oh what a stunning "mood" painting Lin. I love how the dark storm contrasts with the brilliant light -- oh my goodness how did you achieve that glorious light???

So sorry about the bad storm and the loss of so many prized trees and such in your area of the country. It's been a very bad couple of years all across the country for farmers and the land in general. Another cycle I guess.

Glad you are home and glad you got some rain finally.

Teri C said...

Absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Takes my breath away in its beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!