Monday, July 19, 2010

My Grape Tomatoes

My Grape Tomatoes
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Daily Practice

This has been a very good year for grape tomatoes -- and these in my garden are producing TONS of 1 1/2"-2" orbs of sweet, juicy fruit.

I have planted several varieties -- but like tags of all kinds, they've become lost or weather worn -- but I know which I've ordered from Johnny's Seeds, and I'll order them again. Despite the drought, the bouts of rain, the intense high temperatues, my scanty weekend watering, these sweet things have been growing and producing like nothing else in my garden.

Before I left to visit my grands, I picked several quarts, and picked TWICE as much when I got home. The hum of the dehydrator has been going non-stop as we slice and dry and save these for winter use. I've put up my special summer tomato sauce to enjoy mid-winter too -- when I'm desperate to remember sunny weather. What a gift of the Americas - the tomato!

I may be off-line for a few days. I go in for cataract and lens implant surgery this morning. I have been wearing my contact lenses for over 45 years - YIKES! - and they've begun to irritate my eyes. My one near-sighted eye and my one far-sighted eye have gone extreme and I cannot be fitted with corrective lenses -- and so, this operation is necessary. My left eye will be done this morning -- and maybe next month - the right.

Meantime, I'm fasting from food and liquids -- and missing my morning cup of coffee!

We had another good rain last night with predictions of possible showers this afternoon. I'm delighted!!

Take care -- I'll catch up soon ...


Lorraine said...

Gorgeous and true to life painting of those delicious little gems. I don't know what I'd do without them in the winter for salads. Glad you are having such a bumper crop and they sure make a colorful painting.

Wishing you all the best with your cataract surgery. Just do as the dr. advises and all will be well.
Big healing hugs,

Teri C said...

Beautiful! Looks good enough to eat right off the page.