Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Neighbor's Mailbox

My Neighbor's Mailbox
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Daily Practice

Another oldie -- walking along our rural road, the mailboxes are often covered with vines and flowers of some sort. This one of my neighbor's caught my eye a while back .....

Still no rain -- sigh -- these flowers today are dried and crispy ... much like the other water-hungry flora ...

When I get home it'll be 'hose-duty' again ....

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Lorraine said...

Oh what a rustic beauty. And so beautifully painted --- the soft colors and rendering of the flowers, the old look to the post and especially the old rusty mailbox. I can just hear the hinge creak when the door is opened it's so realistic. Beautiful piece Lin. But sorry about the lack of rain. We've been having some nearly every day but not a lot like the first of the week.