Friday, July 23, 2010

Playing with Colorful Abstracts and Angles --- This Way

Daily Practice

Some days, I just want to do something meditative -- and yesterday was one of them. I have been working on our lecture series for next year (ever try to get reservations a full year in advance? Folks think you're crazed! LOL) And I wanted to do something different -- and so this is what happened.....

I painted this horizontally -- but like a lot of abstracts, sometimes if you turn it one way or another, you 'find or see' something entirely different. I turned this work vertically and felt much better - a bit more optimistic, as though the angles rose instead of slid off the page ... so vertical it is.

Temps are going in the 100sF today - and even though I stay in most of the day, the heat seems to permeate the walls of the house and still sap one's energy.

I've been drying peaches for the winter and the smell makes my mouth water ... I hope I can resist enough of them to actually SAVE some ...!

Stay cool and be careful outdoors!


Lorraine said...

Oh I love love love it -- it's as wonderful as the circles you did. And I do think it's better the other way around as you loaded it the second time. Love the colors; love the lines; love it all. Can you tell I love it!!!

I worked on one last night and I hate it but I think I'll try one like yours. I had been thinking of adding some circles to mine; might do that or some black lines. Oh you are SO creative and so inspiring. And I was supposed to do a lot of household stuff this morning but must go right now and paint a bit!!! Thanks and big hugs,

Teri C said...

You just touch your brush to the paper and beauty emerges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann said...

Beautiful! Wonderful rich color.

Sandy said...

This piece is mezmorizing - and such a change of pace!!!
Stay cool, paint some winter scenes ??