Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Quiet Stream (SAA Paint)

Quiet Stream (SAA Paint)
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Daily Practice

I received my copy of SAA's PAINT the other day - and a challenge was offered to paint this scene using pastels. I used watercolor instead, and though I like the colors and hues, I think I could have made the stream wander a bit more especially on the right side -- it would have given this view more interest and more of a natural line. Still, I enjoyed the challege and finding ways to give the foreground variety and the water some depth.

It was a scorcher yesterday with a repeat performance today -- with temps of 101F ... even sitting indoors with the air conditioning on -- is so very draining. My staff returns from July 4th holiday and there will be much to catch up ....

Take care -- stay hydrated and be cool!


Teri C said...

This is a beauty! Looks like nice quiet stream to me.
What the heck is SAA Paint?

Joan said...

I love the colors in the grasses and how you did the banks of the lovely. I'm with Teri...whaat are SAA Paints?

Lorraine said...

Well I think the stream looks interesting just the way it is -- especially with the little "inlet" in it. You are probably comparing it to the challenge piece too much! Love the tree and what you did in the foreground. Truly an overall lovely painting Lin.

Very hot and humid here too. Sigh. I'm ready for fall!!