Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Soft Approach to Purple Cone Flowers

Daily Practice
(Influenced by work of Jean Haines)

I am constantly reading and learning about various approaches to watercolor. And as such, I try to do as much experimenting as I can to find ways of expressing myself through wet paint.

This 'loose approach' was inspired by Jean Haines and a demonstration she gave on "Wet Canvas" for daisies. For weeks I've been trying to paint these cone flowers - and though I've done so many times, I haven't been fully satisfied with my results -- my brush just isn't saying what I wanted to say. So here I am again, giving it another try.

In the real painting, there is more blue in the foreground and the green isn't as chartruese as it appears in the scanned version.

I like the feel of this - but I still have a bit more to explore ....

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Joan said...

These are a bit looser than the ones above, but just as nice. I love that you experiment so much!!