Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Fall Landscape and Pond - Splash, Karlyn, Haines, Carbonetti

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I'm finding it both challenging and fun to play with different techniques and approaches to watercolors, and this one combines a number of them.

I started with my own 'splash and splatter', added textures from some things I've learned from Karlyn Holman, kept some areas a bit dreamy like Jean Carbonetti and left more of the paint running as Jean Haines does. It's interesting to me to see what aspects of their painting styles I tend to ''adopt' to my own way of working.....

I didn't have much time to sit yesterday. Our chores took us out of the house most of the day, and when at home, I prepared a ton of food for the dehydrator in preparation for a class I'll teach in a few weeks. Today, hopefully, will be less busy!

We've decided on a dozen new paintings to be framed and half a dozen of my already framed paintings to be hung next month. Whew, all those frames and mats get expensive!

Another hot day and still no rain ...I'll be spending a bit of time with the water hose to keep those luscious figs producing!

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

WOW. Lin, I love love love it. The colors are terrific, the blue through the trees against those brilliant fall colors and the styles -- absolutely fantastic. It's so weird because I wanted to paint a fall scene yesterday and felt like it was just too hot to think about fall colors. You must be pining for cooler weather too but you make it work for you. Beautiful my friend.

Teri C said...

Wow Lin, these colors just dance and shout!!!!!!!!! Love it.