Sunday, August 08, 2010

Challenge Iris

Challenge Iris
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Daily Practice

This iris, a challenge offered by the Floral Watercolourist group, has confounded me since I took the photograph! LOL I painted this yesterday, but have been practicing it for the last several weeks -- and I'm still not pleased with it. I post it today probably so I can move on, give it a rest, and then try it again in a few days ... ! LOL I tried to keep this a bit loose, didn't like the results, tightened up, and just kept plugging along ... it's a start ...

Grands came yesterday -- we got to play in the water, run (whew!), explore a bit, make homemade ice cream, watch the chicken that escaped capture when my neighbor moved, went for a walk, played stickers .... fun. School starts for them in 2 weeks, and my grandson will attend for the first time ...Both he and his sister had haircuts for the occasion, and gracious, they're growing so fast.

Today's C's jam and more company for dinner - the last day of vacation. It's been a bit of activity for me, with travel, family visits, rest, painting the grands, I too am not sure I'm ready for 'school' ...! LOL

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

I love the rich purples and magentas and the shapes. As I didn't see your other "tries" I can't compare as you do, but I like it a lot. Very rich looking -- kind of reminds me of an 18th century piece -- very rich looking.

Teri C said...

The colors are so rich and beautiful! As my daughter would say...'step away from it for awhile' Always words for me and I know it will for you too.