Friday, August 06, 2010

Inspired by Fall Landscape and Jean Haines

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Another landscape inspired by Jean Haines - this time combined with my own splash and splatter.

What I hope to do with all this trying on of styles and techniques is to spark my own creativity and move my own work into the next phase. Each time I learn something from a particular artist, I need to practice that and practice even more so that whatever 'lesson' or technique or view 'speaks to me, I can incorporate into my own 'style' and make it my own.

What I hope to gain from these from Jean is a bit of splashy-looseness, a bit of abstraction, and even more, how to respond to the flow of the paint and let 'it' inform where the painting goes. This type of journey is fun, frustrating, uses a lot of paint and paper, but I do believe that by the time the 'lessons' are learned, my own work will be improved and be better for all the trials and play.

We had another incredible thunderstorm last night with winds over 60 mph ... the rain was wonderful, but all that noise! YIKES! And still furnace-hot! with humidity ---!

Stay cool and safe ... it seems the weather is really having its way with us!


Lorraine said...

Ooh, this one really speaks to me. I love the colors, the way the trees came out and in general the suggestions rather than detail. It just glows too!
A beautiful painting to celebrate the rain!!

It rained for all of five minutes here yesterday and then the humidity was back also. Just wanting a little cool!

Teri C said...

Such beautiful colors that let my eyes have fun seeing all sorts of things.

Joan said...

These look so different...a bit abstract. I understand how you need to practice what you learn for a while until it becomes a part of you that you can call upon when needed. Glad you are having fun. I will be meeting a blogging buddy in Tuscany on Monday. It should be fun!