Sunday, August 29, 2010

Late August Foggy Morning

Late August Foggy Morning
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As the sun makes its way above the woodlands, the last bit of fog clings to the interior sections, and its moisture remains on the grass and my windows. It's cooler, right now, and the heat of the day won't descend until much later. It's a typical, end of August morning letting us know that autumn quickly approaches. This is a memory painting - done partly from memory, partly from imagination, but fully from the experience of this week's foggy mornings .....

C and I took a long hike in one of our favorite parks yesterday. Already the trees shading us have lost their vibrancy and were beginning to show signs of fall yellow/greens - despite the low 90F temps. The overhead canopy was somewhat thinner as we tampled on fallen, dry leaves, and even the air had that fragrance of change. We're less than 30 days until the offical date of fall.

Today we rest and finish the chores we put off yesterday ... Hope your Sunday is wondrous!

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Lorraine said...

Oh I love the colors and the starkness of the foreward tree against the background. It is a simple stunning beauty especially with the addition of the mist.

Have a good and restful day.
Big hugs,