Monday, August 09, 2010

Late Fall Early Winter Landscape with Masa

Daily Practice
8" x 10"
Masa Paper

I am truly enjoying the textures created by masa paper and just had to play with techniques and styles this weekend using that crinkley wet paper. For those interested, here is a really good step-by-step (

It remains terribly hot, humid and oppressive, and so I wanted to use a bit of cool colors in this late fall, early snow scene .... It's one of those 'tween seasons' kinds of images, done simply and kept light with bits of blues and purples to cool down the remaining siennas ...

Here despite the heat, the coming on of fall can be seen in the blossoming of goldenrod and the first ripening of purple muscadines, the earlier sunsets and later sunrises ....It seems the summer has flown -- if not the heat!

It's back to the routine of work and students returning to college .... buses will be on the roadways and the busyness of this season will begin ...

Have a great week!


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Interesting textures in this... and a wish for Fall to get here and with it cooler days... I totally understand. I've noticed the muskadines too.

Lorraine said...

Lovely serene "wished for" days ahead with yes, cooler temps and less humidity! I love the texture, the colors, and of course the trees as well as the bits of foliage left clinging to the trees before their final fall to the ground. Thanks so much for posting the instructions. Can't wait to try this.

Lorraine said...

Forgot to say, I also like the way you've left the path through the woods -- reminds me of another of your woodsy watercolors hanging on my wall! And a nice path of light.

Teri C said...

Just beautiful Lin. Thanks for the link.