Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morning Glory and Sweet Autumn Clematis

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Thank you all for your most generous, thoughtful and kind well wishes ..... Surgery went well, and this morning, my eye is still a bit foggy - something expected. It should be clearing by tomorrow - and I should, by then, be able to tell how much I will be able to see. My eye doctor and I discussed lens implants, and I opted for a 'near vision' improvement so I could see better close-up .... which means I will probably have to have bi-focals to drive .... not a bad option, in my opinion ... LOL I won't be able to be fitted for these until both eyes fully recover - probably after a few weeks. Meanwhile, I won't know until tomorrow how well I can see to drive -- I expect I'll be able to do so using my left eye - adjusted for more distant vision. It boggles my mind to think of such incredible medical breakthroughs!

I started this painting over the weekend from a photo I took of a corner of my garden. The sweet autumn clematis is in full bloom, and those midnight blue/purple morning glories have found a way to wind themselves around and through the other vine. I'm not very happy with the way this turned out - I think it needs some darkening, the morning glories need shape improvement and all of it needs adjustments in composition. What I like about it though is the soft background and overall color scheme...... I see another attempt in my future! LOL

I might mention that if you've never grown sweet autumn clematis, you may want to give that robust plant a try. Last year, the entire vine was skeletonized by hordes of cucumber beetles -- not once, but TWICE, and yet grew back to full size, blooming three times! This year, the vine is as vigorous as ever -- with the sweetest fragrance ... so easy to grow -- just give it lots of vertical space to climb!

It's raining and the garden is rejoicing! It'll be a day of rest today ....

Again, my humble thanks for your kindness ...

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Lorraine said...

Lovely and almost botanical looking. Love the shades of green and all the different shapes.

Now I get it about the eyes. One for each purpose!! Yup, medical technology has grown leaps and bounds -- now, if a cure for the common cold, sinus infections, and cancer could be found -- I'd be happy!

Big hugs and rest up.