Saturday, August 21, 2010


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Long day yesterday -- spent more time WAITING at the hospital than the actual time it took for procedures and tests for my son. I worked on this piece as we waited and finished it at home...

We got some good news ruling out a few potential causes of my son's discomfort - but unfortunately, little answers. We'll have to seek a second opinion - and worst, there is little relief to his symptoms ...

I thank you for your kind and generous thoughts for him -- the search for answers will continue ....

This weekend is another busy one - it's time to do a bit of work in the garden. Our vegetables that have really produced well this summer, are about spent, and like the gardens at the Arboretum, it's time to do a bit of freshening up on my own plants. Once we get some of that done, we'll be framing paintings for the exhibition in a couple of weeks.

The figs are still producing well and we'll be using those for some recipes my husband wants to try, and I need to see the grands before they start school next week ....

I hope to get to the art table for a bit of time each day -- I'm missing those relaxing days with Lorraine ... responsibility free -- and painting, painting, painting! LOL

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

Oh Lin the bright white flowers with the splashes of blue are outstanding -- what a delightful bright and happy surprise to open that this morning. Love the centers of the flowers too and they pick up the background colors beautifully.

Whew, you make me tired just thinking of your day!

Good luck with all the chores, enjoy the grands, and keep some time for R&R.

Missing painting with you too and spending those quiet times when we were so in tune, no conversation needed until painting questions arose.Two peas in a pod are we! Of course folks, we talked non-stop while driving/riding in the car to the point of my getting us lost several times!!
Hugs and sending healting vibrations to Mike.

Teri C said...

Ruling out things is a step to finding out other things. I hope the answer comes soon.

This is a beautiful image to keep your mind occupied.