Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore
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The light of early morning is just beginning to separate individual trees from the dark clump that night turns our woodlands. The skylights are streaked with dewy moisture and here and there bits of fog cling to low places. As my coffee brewed, I fed the cats. The air outside is ' heavy and pregnant with rain' as well as heat, and everything outside has a damp, wet feel to it. Rain is in the forecast - and hopefully the clouds will 'give birth' soon ...

The day was incredibly busy yesterday, but the feeling of accomplishment soothes our aching muscles. We removed all the spent vegetable plants and spread crimson clover seeds. Once these plants are up, we'll use them as green manure - the nodules on their roots capturing nitrogen in the air and fixing it in the soil. And their blossoms will be a wonderful sight as well. We weeded out the beds along the fence, trimmed the eleagnus, did laundry, collected figs and framed my paintings for the September exhibition. And took a much needed nap! LOL

I painted this before heading to the garden from a photo reference from Wet Canvas - fun!

Today we check on the grands and rest.

Hope your day is great!


Lorraine said...

Oh my goodness Lin -- the rocks rock!!! The shapes and colors and texture are marvelous. I just can't stop looking at them; incredibly beautiful! I also like the trees but oh my your sky and water are terrific too. What a wonderful rendering after all your hard work yesterday, and in the heat and humidity too.

Have a restful and fun day with the grands.
Big hugs and Kudos,

Joan said...

This is lovely!!! It reminds me of my travels in Maine. I miss being able to check the internet every day. I will be home soon. Time is going so fast! Ciao!!