Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wildflower Landscape on Masa

Daily Practice
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It's early as I write, the dark of night still clinging to the sky, shrouding the woods and the roads here. The promise of rain held in low-hanging clouds darken the outdoors even more. At my desk, the lights blaze warmth, and the coffee begins its work to energize me for another busy day.

The first weeks of school, coupled with heat, weeds, deadlines, unexpected needs, visitors and new-year planning have tired me each night so that painting, my typical relief, has been a bit of a struggle. This painting was finished over the weekend, as the small practice work I did last night will take me longer than it might have if my energy levels were higher. Still, I am always glad to put paint to paper! LOL

My friend has been so very kind this week -- she's been playing comedies each night while I paint and she works on some of her work, and so the house is lifted with our laughter, and the day's fatigue is slowly lifted ..... a gift for sure.

I've an early morning meeting and several others throughout the day ... I'm hoping for that much-needed rain -- our landscapes are so dry ...

Take care today ....!


Lorraine said...

Of all your Masa pieces, this is my favorite. I love all the texture, the colors, the black against the colors, the details and just the whole composition all together. Wonderful painting Lin.

I'm sorry your days are so hectic and rainless (we are facing 4 more days of rain here after showers last night but after two superb low humidity days). I wish I could send it your way!

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying laughter along with your painting. What a good idea and to share it with a friend -- laughter is contagious I think.

Keep your fingers crossed for rain but not while you are painting LOL.

Teri C said...

Oh this piece turned out gorgeous!!! You make a big statement for Masa paper and technique.