Monday, November 08, 2010

Celebration Challenge - Guess Who?

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This month marked the second anniversary for the group, "Watercolourist: Painting with Light" - and Bill posed another challenge - to use a celebratory photograph ( and paint in the style of one of the artists mentioned in the list.

I simplified the photograph, chose an artist I admire (Can you guess who? It's one of my contacts), and chose instead of this individual's normally brilliant colors, I'd change things a bit and keep the colors simple but focus more on that artist's style.

It was a fun exercise and more challenging than one might imagine ...! Thanks Bill! And my art friend!

One more day at our art tables before our formal classes begin tomorrow. The weather has been sunshiney and bright - but cold - still we've been able to get out of doors for a nice fall walk each day.

Hope your week is terrific!


Teri C said...

It is a very moody painting and so beautiful.
so who is it? :)

Joan said...

This has a lot of emotion to it! Great job!! Enjoy!