Sunday, November 07, 2010

Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset
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My friend Lorraine is in love with colors and is entralled with landscapes such as that we saw this weekend at Art Space. This is painted after those works of Linda Ruth Dickinson (

Most of the artists she admires paint bold, brilliant colors in acryllic, and so I've attempted some of their works and styles in watercolor (good practice for the current watercolor challenge!! LOL). She also loves those landscapes of the southwest.

Linda Dickinson paints HUGE acryllic landscapes filled with brilliant colors and horizontal or vertical perspectives. Painting such deep colors in watercolor is a double challenge - keeping the luminosity of the medium while still achieving rich, bold colors and contrasts.

Since Lorraine is new to 'return' to watercolors (she stopped her lessons years ago), these playful exercises and paintings are a teaching opportunity for me as well as a learning tool for both of us-- fun!

The weather has made an about-turn last night. We began the day in dreary, wet chilly, weather, had a wonderful afternoon of cool temps and sunshine, and ended on a note close to freezing.

We played at the art tables most of the day, so the extra hour we 'gained' with Daylight Savings (did you remember to turn back your clocks?) helped us rest a bit more.

More art today -- hope your Sunday is terrific!


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Gorgeous sunset... love the rich colors..

freebird said...

Here in Arizona our time doesn't change but thanks for the reminder as my family are all in California so now they are an hour off from us!

This is really, really pretty. You do such nice work.

Teri C said...


Joan said...

WOW!!! Excellent color in this sunset. You two are having fun! Enjoy!!!