Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ditch Flowers on Hot Press with Karlyn Holman

Arches Hot Press
11" square

This painting of poppies and lupines was done on hot press paper during Karlyn Holman's workshop. We used hot press paper, wet into wet to create a path of light, added elements such as paint, splatter, watercolor pencil shavings, bits of watercolor stamping on unryu, and then completed the flowers once the paper had dried -- fun!!

Yesterday was another full day of classes including two with Linda Kemp on negative painting - landscapes and flowers. There was a TON of information, which left only a very short amount of time to paint ... but the demonstrations and suggestions were invaluable!!!

Today - more classes. I've had little time at home and even less on the computer, so I hope to catch up next week ... It's been a BLAST! My own wish is that I could have spread out the classes over a month or two ...!

Have a great day!

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Teri C said...

Oh, your classes sound so fab and you are doing such wonderful paintings. I need to pull out her book.