Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Flow of the Sands

The Flow of the Sands
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Oh what a time!!! I picked up Lorraine yesterday morning and right away we plunged into artwork and play!

We had lunch, picked up some supplies for our workshops next week, and then spent most of the afternoon at Raleigh's "Art Space" ( This two-story building houses so many INCREDIBLE artists, and we had to explore each studio. We spent some time talking with the artists there, admiring their works, discussing classes. I don't know why I don't get to Artspace more often -- but I suppose having a friend with similiar interests visit those places with me makes a world of difference in the experience.

We came back to my house for dinner, unpacking, and then some time at the art tables.

This work was inspired by an encaustic artist we met - Dianne Rodwell ( Lorraine will be taking an encaustic class next week, and Dianne will be teaching at Art in the Carolinas in 2011 ... so we had a lot to chat about.

This work is a bit less green in real life, but is similiar to one of Dianne's encaustic tiles. I fell in love with the abstractness and flow of colors and wanted to see if I could create a similiar work in watercolor ... this is the result -- It reminds me of an abstracted beach scene in yellow and blue (more blue in my painting - I couldn't adjust it any more for the screen) .... fun .... done wet in wet with some removal of pigment with a thirsty brush and adding a bit of salt.

I also fell in love with Dianne's landscapes.... she's a talented, wonderful artist. I may just have to try encaustics next year ....

We got to bed after midnight .. so today, we'll be resting a bit and playing some more ...

Hope your weekend is fun!


Joan said...

Keep playing!!! I'm enjoying your work and the commentary about your experiences with Lorraine. I've admired encaustic pieces for a while, but haven't tried it. Attempting the same thing in watercolors is an interesting idea.

Have fun!!

Teri C said...

Really an interesting piece that makes the viewer interpret what they want to see.
Your day sounds wonderful.