Tuesday, November 09, 2010

In the Light of the Moon

In the Light of the Moon
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Lorraine and I spent the day at the art tables and last night night went to an area gathering to listen to Charles and his 'Sunday Pickers' perform for the crowd. They did wonderfully! and were so well received! All their hard work and practice seemed to come together so well, and they had such a grand time.

We drove home late with a mere fingernail of a moon (not this full one--LOL) watching for deer all the way. We see so many of them along our rural roads - and often, they'll just stop and watch US too! LOL

We're heading off for the first round of workshops -- a two day class with Karlyn Holman (www.karlynholman.com) ..YAHOO!!!! It feels like 9 forevers since I've taken a class with her and I've looked forward to this for a long time! We'll be back late, so I hope to catch up as I can ...

Have a great day!


annie said...

How lovely, Lin. Stunning on the flickr enlargement.

Teri C said...