Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lakeside after Szabo

Lakeside after Szabo
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I'm still continuing my lessons from Art of the Carolina classes. During the workshops I've taken with Sterling Edwards, Sterling always mentions his mentor, Zoltan Szabo. I have several of Szabo's books, and so I've begun rereading those. This painting is based on one of Szabo's lessons ... I love the different use of colors ... colors I'd never think to combine. For instance - the 'pink' in this is actually Scarlet Lake! I've also used Winsor Violet, Turquoise, Cobalt Blue and a bit of my mix of greens.

Yesterday was a good restive day - two naps, minimum running around, a bit of chores .. felt really good.

We see the grands tonight so I'm glad I've rested! LOL We're supposed to reach 60F and I"ve brought home some daylily bulbs to plant ... so I hope to get to those early in the day ...

Have a terrific weekend!


annie said...

I recheck Szabo's books, too, but his ability awes me out of my mind. There is one painting he did of some palm trees blowing in the wind, and he brought out some of the paper's texture to give that circular blowing effect.

This is so lovely, Lin. Thank you for sharing all you learn at the workshops. They are beautiful little tutorials for the rest of us.

Lorraine said...

This is incredible Lin. I too need to get out my two Szabo books. Your colors, values, and composition on this are glorious. You put me to shame -- I haven't painted yet except some splashing which didn't work out. BRAVO!

Teri C said...

This is really gorgeous Lin! Love these colors together.

Joan said...

This is lovely!!! I love the different palette. I've read a few of Szabo's books, but hae never tried anything similar.

Enjoy the warm temps and have a great weekend!

Willa said...

Enjoy the books! That way Zoltan gets his last wish that his friends continue to learn from him!

We still have his products and many of his books available. He wrote a small library.

Check out the paintings on the web site