Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remembering the Water in Fall

Daily Practice
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I"m continuing my studies of wet into wet while also remembering the fall leaves ...Those bright symbols of the season are about faded, and yet, I am reluctant to see their colors, and the fall, merge into winter.

Yesterday morning began at 29F ...yet temps rose to the mid 50s .. today, it's warm outside - almost 50F already --- these fluctuations are making so many folks ill ... so we all need to boost the vitamin C ...

I like the reflections in this piece, and though a simple landscape, I'm learning more and more about the effects of different pigment dilutions, trying a few new colors, moving a bit more toward simplification ...

A decent practice session.

Hope your day is grand!


Lorraine said...

"Decent practice session" -- my goodness Lin, I'd say a truly gorgeous painting. I love love love the looseness and the colors. I too hate giving up fall colors! I really love the fall colors, mixed with the delicate lavender mist and the blue water and oh the suggestion of tree trunks. Well done and when I "bigafy" it, it's even more gorgeous. Bravo!
Big hugs,

Lorraine said...

And I forgot to mention the reflections -- terrific!
Keep it up; you're onto something and I love it.

Teri C said...

Beautiful beautiful painting Lin!
It is even cold here in the desert, 30 when I walked at 6am. I thought I woke up in Wisconsin!

Joan said...

Wow! Beautiful colors and blending in this. You make it look so simple to do this, and I know it isn't. I saw my plein air friend, Susan (who left you the message) and we were talking about your work and how you were here on LI last week.

We painted this morning, but it was cold. Hope your day is warmer! Enjoy!

freebird said...

Our temps were the same yesterday here in Kingman, AZ (according to MY thermometer). What a gorgeous painting. I love the reflections and also how you left the edges of the water curvy.