Tuesday, November 16, 2010


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Daily Practice

Saying goodbye to Lorraine as well as a week of art seems even harder when there is little time to assimiliate all one has learned and all the fun one has had. Returning to work has plunged me into a different world in a way, and as such, my focus has to be on the tasks at hand, plans, management, averting crises, moving forward. But I'm hoping that over time, what I've heard, practiced a bit and direction I want to move toward artwise, will, perhaps unconsciously, seep into my hand and brush. It was so difficult to see Lorraine return home knowing that it may be another year or so before we can get together again - but we hope to make these art treks an annual get together ...!

These thistles were done earlier this month ...I was attempting a bit of simplicity, yet a touch of realism. They were done quickly, without much fanfare ... but I like their reminder of summer.

Our temps are still warm and the colors of the landscape are still vibrant - a total surprise after such a dry, dry spring and summer. I hope to get a chance to enjoy a bit of the outdoors this weekend. Rain is predicted today, and we need it. I noticed the lakes were getting pretty low ...

Hope your day is terrific and your brushes wet!


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Lovely reminder of Summer... can't wait to see what your wet brush renders after your week of workshop adventures.

Teri C said...

Less is definitely more. Beautiful.

freebird said...

They look wonderful.

Lorraine said...

Having seen these "in person" I can attest that the online version does not do justice to this beautiful painting -- and it's one of my very favorite flowering weeds!!

I am finding it very difficult to not only "come down to earth" from all the excitement of our visit, the painting, the classes, and your invaluable lessons, but also to wet my brush. So much to catch up on at home after ten days absence and the decision of what to paint first!!!

And while painting, like writing, for me is usually accomplished best while alone, I truly miss you my muse and can't seem to get started again from afar.

Big hugs,