Sunday, January 02, 2011

Abstract Landscape - Karlyn Holman Workshop

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP
Workshop owith Karlyn Holman

I began this watercolor after a workshop with Karlyn Holman in November. Every week or so I'd take it out, add a bit, and put it away trying to figure out where to go next.

Finally, this weekend, I decided it was done. I could have emphasized the cloudy mountains more, but found (at least THIS week) that I liked the more etheral, dreamy look ...

We're off to a birthday celebration today, and will return to finish the last bit of framing. I've been invited to display my work at an area eatery for the month of January, submit several paintings to the Community College System office art display (Jan-Dec 2011) and display a few more at a college public function. We've been framing like mad! LOL

Hope your day is restive!!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

I really like the primary color scheme on this.. dont normally see that in a nature painting. Worked wonderfully here!

Joan said...

This really glows!!! Beautiful finish! Glad to hear you have new places to exhibit...that is super!!!

Have a great day!

Lorraine said...

Well I think it's perfect.
When I opened your blog a big AHHHHHHHHHHH came out of me!

I absolutely love it. It's one my favorite things you've done!!! Having seen it in a couple of the early stages, and liking them all, I am glad you've declared it done. The colors really sing to me and the rocks, ethereal sky, mountains -- all gorgeous Lin. Makes me want to try one again!!

So glad to hear of all your upcoming "hangings" LOL. I hope you get the recognition and sales you so richly deserve.

Have fun today.

Teri C said...

OMG!!!!! this just glows and glistens! I totally love it!!
I just spent time going through your latest paintings and each one is so beautiful!!