Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coral Morning Glories

Coral Morning Glories
Originally uploaded by linfrye
9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

The sun finally shone yesterday with enough warmth to actually take a leisurely walk! YAHOO! And today, our temps will climb to the mid 50s --- AHH .. what a sweet, warm, wonderul break in the winter weather.

This relief doesn't fool us though - winter winds will return and perhaps more snow, but for now, it's an absolute mood lifter!

To celebrate the sun, we're heading off for a drive in the country, a walk in the park, perhaps, and a bit of chore completion ...

Hope the sun is shining for you today too!


Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Oh Lin, what a beautiful painting of Morning Glories. I am so jealous, temps in the 50's. We have more snow coming our way. Enjoy your break from the cold. It will be a long winter.

Lorraine said...

What a gorgeous painting and yes, just right for a much needed lift from the winter blues!! I love the colors. The beautifully shaped flowers just glow against the blues and greens of the leaves. I love studying your paintings in detail on Flickr and trying to figure out the techniques you used. A lot of good ones in this that I was able to discern.

Have a great day in the out of doors. We will be sign waving for the man we hope will be the next governor of KY so some air for us too, albeit with exhaust fumes aplenty - ugh!

Joan said...

Oh, this is lovely!!!! I love this one as well as the field of Queen Anne's lace below.

I'm taking a bit of time this morning to let art soothe my soul. We've had a rough few days lately, and my mother-in-law passed away yesterday. I'll be scarce the next few days, but will be back as soon as possible. Yes, the snow really hammered us up least 15 inches! It looks pretty...maybe I can squeeze in a quick painting before joining the rest of the family to organize things. Have a good weekend.

freebird said...

It will be warm where I live today and I will be out enjoying it too!

What a pretty picture you've made here. Soft and feminine for sure.

Teri C said...

I lovelovelove it!! Beautiful and glowing.