Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inspired by Denis Collette and Monet

1/8 Sheet

The storm has passed, but the landscape around me is muddy, grey, dull -- and I am so longing for color. The college decided to remain closed yesterday as did most of the counties around me, and today, my home county has already kept the schools closed. Ice still covers most of our property, and even with several sweaters and the heat running, I have felt chilly. I am longing for color and warmth!

I painted this abstract landscape a while ago. It's based on a wonderful photo by Denis Collette ( -- THANK YOU Denis! I fell in love with the colors and bits of abstraction that in my interpretation of his photo, remind me of spring trees along the riverside... perhaps with a bit of fireworks thrown in ... At any rate, it cheers me on another cold morning.

My sisters and friends in the northeast area of the US are readying for another huge blast of winter weather with snows of 12"-24" predicted. I wish them safety and warmth today!

I have a green industry conference to dash to today and tomorrow (FLOWERS!!!!), so I'll be scarce and will catch up this evening. I'm waiting for the sun to rise before I head out for the long drive so I can perhaps better judge the road conditions.

Be safe and warm today ... and may your day be filled with COLOR!

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Lorraine said...

WOW. From snow yesterday to billiant color today. I love it of course -- abstract, wild colors, just my cup of tea too on this bitterly cold, snowy, windy day here.
Thank you for the riotous color and lift in mood!

Will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a safe, uneventful trip to and from your conference.
Big hugs,