Monday, January 03, 2011

Inspired by Roses in the Winter

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

Rain, grey days, warm weather turning cold again, landscapes of siennas and umbers have me a bit hungry for color. Before the hard frosts came in December, so many of our roses continued to bloom and so inspired this splash and splatter.

My dear friend, Rebecca, whose home sheltered me for seven years while I worked out of town, celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday. Her children and friends threw her a surprise party -- and for once, SHE was the one being honored! What a joy to see her on the receiving end of so much good cheer, as she is most often the one extending all the extraordinary giving. Friends, church members, folks who stayed at her home over the years, all returned to honor a woman who good works have blessed so many. What a joy!

Today is my last day at home before returning to the work-routine --- already filled with a schedule that will keep me flying for the next six months. Though the time home was busy with holidays, much needed chores and errands, visits and planning, it was restive, and for this I'm grateful. 2011 will truly begin with fireworks!

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

Beautiful vibrant color and such lovely roses from the splatter technique. A fitting tribute to Rebecca too!

Glad you have one more day before the big rush. Rest well and paint and enjoy your day to the fullest.
Big hugs,

Joan said...

Wonderful color and looseness!!! Glad to see the burst of is drab muddy snow here. lol Glad you had the days off. Hope it isn't too crazy going back today. Enjoy!

Tim Robinson said...

I love your work!