Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Abstracts in Blue

Abstracts in Blue by linfrye
Abstracts in Blue a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

Arches 140#CP

What do you do with the work you're not pleased with? Or portions of a piece that you really love - but the entire painting just doesn't "zing?"

With an outdoor exhibit coming up in April, I know from last year that folks who attend this event are not willing to spend a lot of money on artwork - and yet they're looking for a 'little something' to take home.

I was going through my stacks of 'UGHS' and found wee pieces of each that worked on their own. I decided to cut these into small works - and will float them on matboard, or vice versa, and sell them very inexpensively - some framed, some not. I've added a wee charm to these (remainders from my altered books days) - and will see how they go.

I've kept them very simple so as to keep the focus on the artwork and to give them a feel of 'abstract.' We'll see.

So what do YOU do with your bits? Got any more ideas? I'd love to hear!


Katiejane said...

I bury mine in a drawer, but you've given me inspiration!

annie said...

So stunning, Lin. As Katiejane says, an inspiration...

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Great idea and beautiful abstracts.
Thanks for sharing that tip.

Have a great day.

Lorraine said...

Terrific Lin. This one looks very Asian to me. Good luck with these. I know people will love them!
Big hugs,

Joan said...

Great idea for using those paintings that don't work as a whole. I'll have to remember that. These look great!

Hope your day is sunny and great. When we arrived home to my sister's house yesterday, there was an inch of snow on her lawn. lol

Anonymous said...

These paintings are wonderful. How ever did you do them. Will make a great spring outing show:)

freebird said...

Don't go too cheap. This is great and I think a lot of people are going to want them. They move to the realm decorative art in a way and people will want these for their walls. Wait and see! If you go too cheap compared to your other pieces they are going to think something is wrong with them. They are just a different style, not less really.

Teri C said...

Great idea Lin. They look just great. Let us know how they went.

Peter said...

Thanks for showcasing your art - it's been fun and inspirational viewing. I'd love to know your process in achieving this blue abstract...
All the best, Peter