Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Approach to Anemone

Another Approach to Anemone
1/8 sheet
Arches 140#CP

Though these flowers are rather strong in their structure and their petals are firm and often colorful, I wanted to try a different approach to them....I kept the firm outline of their petals and centers, but wanted to soften their surroundings to feel a bit like the softness of springtime ...

This 'differing' of approach is always interesting to me -- to 'see' perhaps how someone else might paint the same subject in a style or way that is as different as their handwriting from my own ... Always something new to learn and consider.

A busy day today and tomorrow -- yesterday was incredibly beautiful - but hot - in the 80s! and we're due for a repeat today. But tomorrow and the weekend? A plunge into winter again as we hit the 30s - and all of us worry about the flowers and fruits that have been tempted by the warmth ...

Have a great day!


Katiejane said...

I love how it looks like the sun is shining on them, especially the one on the bottom. Looks like dappled light. Nice.

Joan said...

Beautiful softness to this! It makes the petals seem even more delicate than they are. Love the color!

Our forecast includes that dreaded "s" word, but so far Long Isand has just drizzle. Enjoy the warmth of the day!

Lorraine said...

Oh this one is so cool Lin. I love how you can switch from one style to another -- so effortlessly!!! You are amazing.

Yes, yesterday was our last day of 70's temps for awhile. We are having rain storms, and tornado warnings, etc. I'm afraid the beautiful blossoms I saw this morning on the way to drawing class will all be rained or blown off the trees. And we also are expecting below freezing temps. It's typical for KY this time of year.

Big hugs,

Teri C said...

Another gorgeous gorgeous painting!

annie said...

Oh, Lin. So soft and delicate... the colors are beautiful and that light is magical.
I can't remember whether I told you how much I like the way your picture enlarges on your blog, now. Really shows the details and textures.