Sunday, June 12, 2011

White Petaled Cone Flowerr

White Petaled Cone Flowerr by linfrye
White Petaled Cone Flowerr, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

After the much welcomed storm and RAIN!!! last night, I stand by my front door and look out at the sea of 'wildness' before me - coneflowers, blanket flowers, coreopsis, delphinium, spider flowers, roses, salvias, red verbena, and some whose names I've forgotten, and gaze in sheer wonder and gratitude. Few of these plants were planned and planted by my hands - the others, simply strewn in the hope of survival ... and THIS year, the flowers, bees, butterflies- all seem to have come to some kind of jubilation ...

Trying to capture THAT still eludes me ... but I suppose there is a joy (as well as frustration) in attempting to ...
Still, the peacefulness, the beauty of the moment, are gifts beyond words, beyond the sketch, beyond the paintbrush - and mostly -- of the heart.

The Lavender Festival was a sheer joy yesterday! HOT HOT HOT -- but filled with people, flowers, the scent, taste and enjoyment of lavender! I not only had my chocolate lavender ice cream - but when we got home -- made some of our own! YUM!!! The lavender scones were out of this world, and I just had to indulge in a lavender cookbook - with recipes already marked for trying. Yep, bought MORE lavender too ...a wonderful day ... decent sales - new friends, renewing acquaintances I hadn't seen in a while, and reinvigorating my love of herbs.

Today, company for dinner, Charles' jam and even more company - whew, the weekend has flown by.

It's supposed to be cooler today - high 80s, which, after so many days of heat indices over 100, should feel down right balmy ....

Have a great Sunday!


Lorraine said...

Wow. The painting is gorgeous -- alive with color and the one white cone flower that sets it all off just right!

And what a terrific description of your flowers. I'd love to do my front yard that way but unfortunately the neighbors and the city would not allow it. And you had rain!!! We had lots of thunder and rain in other parts of the state the last two nights but nada here.

Oh all the lavender recipes sound delish! So much going on -- and on suh a hot weekend. Enjoy it all to the fullest dear friend.
Big hugs,

Teri C said...

Sounds like your day was as wonderful as your painting!

Jane said...

Beautiful painting!