Friday, October 07, 2011


Petunias by linfrye
Petunias, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Ah -- home ...! What an intense period of weeks it has been- ! Finally a weekend that promises to be a bit more relaxed and slower-paced ...!

The sun has not yet broken the horizon as I write - the house is quiet, my coffee hot and delicious, and with few obligations ahead of me, I feel an overwhelming sense of relaxation that I haven't been able to enjoy in quite a while ... thank heavens!

Though the nights have been cool, our temperatures during the day have been so incredibly pleasant - mid-70s!! Here and there, I'm beginning to find a few persimmons that are ripe enough to enjoy on our walks. My bright pink petunias are still in glorious bloom - and they made me grin when I got home last night to see such vivid brightness against a yellowing landscape.

The tomatoes have been hit by the cool temperatures and only the few ripening fruits remain in their cages. Mulch piles are begging to be spread -- and the rest of the gardens are scareaming for a clean up. But right now after so many frenetic weeks of activity, WE need a clean up - and so, despite the chores that cry for attention, this weekend will be one to rest!

Hope you enjoy your weekend too!


Lorraine said...

Gorgeous petunias Lin. What a beautiful painting!!! Yes, it's a real mixture here too of summer and fall and the days are again in the 80's so back on the air conditioning goes -- can't sleep without it.

I am SO glad you are going to take it easy this weekend. You've had SO much going on -- rest, rest, rest.
Big hugs,

Cora said...

Good day Lin, this is lovely and bright petunias. I admire how you make your background. Everytime I look at your paintings, I always wonder how you make your gorgeous backgrounds. Do you do it in wet on wet? I asked because I have this fear of ruining my work every time I work on my background. Do you have some advice? God bless.

Jane said...

Stunning Petunias , gorgeous colors and looseness!

And yes! The garden is calling for me too to be cleaned up, but what a wonderful task, because you prepare for the next seasons extraordinary bllom.

Have a very nice weekend.

Teri C said...