Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins for Halloween

Pumpkins for Halloween by linfrye
Pumpkins for Halloween, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP


Oh the tree color! After a quick trip to visit family - and yes, more plane delays - 12 hours to ARRIVE to see my family -- one glorious fall day -- followed by rain and SNOW!!! -- we were able to return home to autumnal bliss with trees and landscapes a kaleidescope of golds, magentas, reds, oranges, yellows --- and the fields - that autumn ochre that sets off such vivid colors!

It was such a joy to finally visit with my family after such a fiasco in August. And our start to New York this time with three hour delays at our local airport and even more delays in New York - all seemed to be a repeat of the summer trip attempt. But we prevailed -- and our time together, though short, was incredibly wonderful. But travel lately just isn't the pleasure it used to be - nor the luxury. I suppose the next time we take off for a family visit, we'll steel ourselves for a long, challenging trip - and hope to be pleasantly surprised if and when it turns out to be as easy as it was returning home! LOL

Today is halloween - time for little goblins to play 'trick or treat,' visit their neighbors and collect treats of candy and the like. Living in such a rural community as we do, we have very few little visitors ... but I see them at the shopping centers, church parties, day care parties and the like... all dressed in costumes to frighten or delight.

It's a catch-up day for me - a bit of work from home, repacking for a busy week ahead preparing for the orchard planting and the cisterns that are en route, and a few more workshops...

We're expecting a bit of rain and cooler temps ...and with halloween ... the beginning of holiday preparations as well.

Have a marvelously SPOOOOKKKKYYYY DAY!


Lorraine said...

Pumpkins are everywhere and yours are bright and speak of pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread!! But shouldn't you have captured one of your black and white cats and asked politely that he/she "sit" for the painting as well LOL. Now that would make for a frustrating painting.

Oh me another long delayed trip. It seems the way things go so often these days. But glad you persevered and had at least a short sweet visit! And oh that snow -- up to 1 ft. in some parts of New England. KY got an inch in the mountains near W.VA and we are back to rain today.

Rest up for your week ahead!

Joan T said...

Yeah for the Halloween pumpkins!!! Were you up in NY? Luckily we dodged the snow here, but I'm sure it affected the flights everywhere.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Lin, wow, now that's how pumpkins should be painted. Brilliant!!

All the best to you,

Teri C said...

Flying is always an adventure these days.
Love the pumpkins.
Happy Halloween!