Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Barns - Oxford, NC

The Barns - Oxford, NC by linfrye
The Barns - Oxford, NC, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

Half Sheet
Arches 140#CP

There's an abandoned homesite about 2 miles from my home where the majority of the brush has been cleared to reveal a series of old barns and out buildings. I love these old buildings and the stories they contain within their weathered wood.

These days, the grasses are high and cover fallen limbs and rocks, boards and a bit of trash .... but I overlooked all of that to give these structures a bit more 'life' -- I've 'renewed' them more than the 'falling-downness' of their reality .... brightened the grasses with the spring season. In real life, the barns are far more 'broken' ... but when I see them -- I see them this way --- a bit more salvagable, a bit more hopeful.

We've returned to the cooler temps of March -- and February, believe it or not, was warmer than these April days with evening and early morning temperatures in the 30sF! We're expecting to return to our unseasonably warm temperatures next week, but this cooler plunge has injured many of the young plants we dared to put in the ground.

I suppose that should work well for our plant sale next week when folks may come to replace plants they may have lost this week .. we'll see. I'll be super busy for the next week or so ---

Have a great week!


Lorraine said...

So charming. You have really perfected your old barns scenes. I love the fir tree against the foreground barn and the bright tall grasses all sun drenched. Some new ideas and some old ones -- a nice complement to what you actually see. This reminds me of those sunnier, warmer days we had in Feb.and March!! Brr here too.
Big hugs,

Teri Casper said...

Yes, charming is the word I was looking for. Sunny and still and charming.

Joan T said...

Nicely done! I like the atmosphere of this...and love old barns.

We have been having mild weather, but high winds which helped spread a wildfire burning up in Wading River. It has burned over 1,000 acres so far and it still isn't under control. We need some rain up here. Have a great day!

Janina B. said...

Wundervoll gemalt. Diese Wildnis ist einfach ein Paradies. Kompliment Lin;-)