Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Cosmos by linfrye
Cosmos, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

As early as spring is this year, our cosmos are not in bloom --- but the riot of color, the way they bob around in the wind, and the softness of their colors certainly appealed to me this week ... and so I painted these for the carefree attitude these flowers seem to have.

Thank each of you for your condolences for the loss of my friend. The funeral was yesterday and a sad event ... but moving forward ... for the family especially ... will be the greater challenge and prayers continue on their behalf.

Our plant sale is a mere 3 weeks away and the intensity of the preparations have increased even more making time for painting, relaxing and commenting even shorter. But as quickly as time is flying this year, the sale will be here and past before we know it, and life should return to a less frenetic pace -- (we hope!!). LOL

The weather continues to be warm and mild and already the vegetables we planted over the last few weeks are about ready to harvest -- lettuces, radishes, chard, kale. Amazing!

Hope you have a calm and joyous week!


Janina B. said...

Herrlich ist die Leichtigkeit Deiner Hand Lin. Ich bewundere auch die Transparenz der Farben.
Ein wundervolles Aquarell.
Lass es Dir gut gehen

maria said...

ich mag deine art zu malen, so leicht und frisch und auch fröhlich sind deine arbeiten, da kommt richtig gutes feeling auf
eine schöne zeit für dich
gruß maria

Teri Casper said...

You describe those Cosmos perfectly and painted it beautifully!

Joan T said...

Simple and elegant. Lovely job!!! I hope your day is great!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

As always lovely painting of these delicate flowers. I just read your post of the loss of your dear friend. I am so sorry, my deepest sympathy to here husband and family and to you also. You are so right, life is precious and to be cherished each moment. All the best to you Lin.