Friday, April 06, 2012

Flowered Doorway

Flowered Doorway by linfrye
Flowered Doorway, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Despite our return dip into cooler temps this week, the shrubs, vines, trees and flowers are enlivening the landscapes with scent and color. I've always been impressed with 'pretty' doorways, especially those I've seen overseas. Living in the countryside though, homes are often set so far from the road that most folks choose to landscape their mailboxe areas instead since these are set on the road for all to notice. Still, I LOVE to see doorways that are covered in flowers and seem to welcome a visitor or stop a passerby.

Doors, portals really, are rich in symbolism. They're a message of hope, an invitation, opportunity, a passage from one state/area/world to another. Doors can be symbols of closure OR liberation. Why not make the most of these entries to the homes we occupy and love! I fell in love with this particular doorway especially because of the roses arching over the walled front. Roses themselves are symbols of love - and to see them over a door of a home, enriches this dwelling even more.

We're in for a rainy day today followed by a holiday weekend of warming temps and sunshine. Hope your Easter weekend is filled with peace and joy!


Janina B. said...

Dein Bild ist bezaubernd. Durch die Sonne durchflutet.
Dir alles Liebe

Lorraine said...

How lovely Lin. I've missed your doorways! This one is especially lovely with the colors and the soft, impressionistic flowers and greenery all set against the detailed stones but still in a soft gray. What a nice combination.

I also loved your description of doorways and their symbolism(s). I have a friend who loves doors and now I understand why.
Big hugs,

Joan T said...

Beautiful job on this!!! You and I both have that fondness for doorways and windows. It is funny how European homes have so much character to their doorways and here we are more concerned with "curb appeal." lol

Have a wonderful Easter!!! I will be back on the computer on Monday so I will see you then.