Monday, April 30, 2012

Flowered Window In Civita, Tuscany

1/4 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

Before my mom got sick (she's doing so much better now!!) I was scheduled to take another International watercolor class and trip with Karlyn Holman. When mom got so very sick, though, we were uncertain that an overseas travel would be wise not knowing if mom would get better. Judging the circumstances on the side of caution, I canceled the trip and rescheduled for 2013. This was the week I would have gone.

Feeling relieved that Mom is doing well but still missing Italy (which I do quite frequently), I took a mental trip down memory land and revisted some of the photos I took during my 2009 trip with Karlyn to Tuscany. I once again fell in love with this flowered window in Civita, and decided to paint it. You can see the original photo I uploaded here: .

I attempted to keep a simple, loose style for this painting...

And yes, I am always dreaming of Italy!


Lorraine said...

What a lovely interpretation of the photograph. Both are beautiful but I have to say that your watercolor is the winner over the photograph!! I love the softness and feeling of this piece and the colors blend so beautifully together. I'm glad you took this trip down memory lane since you couldn't take the real one.

And I'm glad your mom is doing better.
Big hugs,

Joan T said...

Oh, you've captured that Tuscan feel perfectly!!! This is enchanting! Glad you had a way to take yourself there.

It is good to hear that your mom is doing better. I kow it is so hard to be far away and not be able to check on her in person.

Keep that Tuscan feel! Enjoy!

Janina B. said...

Ein sonniges Bild. Herrliche Details.
Kompliment Lin;-)

Elaine Akers said...

Lin, your water color paintings inspire me. Your work is so beautiful. I love visiting your blog to see what you have painted.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Hi Lin,

I feel as though I am sitting there in Tuscany. You have brought to us in your lovely painting. Thank you for sharing.

all the best to you,

Clare said...

I hope your Mum is much, much better now. I adore your re-visit to Tuscany.

Melliott said...

This is my favorite painting of yours ever (so far, anyway!). Composition, colors, style, mood...all gorgeous.

I'm so glad to hear your mom came through her rough patch and is doing so much better. What a relief, yes?

I am going to a three-day watercolor workshop this coming week that I have had to cancel three times due to illnesses in the family; fingers crossed!