Sunday, April 08, 2012


HAPPY EASTER!!!! by linfrye
HAPPY EASTER!!!!, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" X 12"
Arches 140#CP


Begun as a wildflower from Persia, the tulip, cultivated for centuries by the Turks, is said to derive its name from the Turkish word for turban. According to a Persian legend, the tulip arose from the drops of blood that was shed by a lover and thus became a symbol of avowed love. How fitting for today's joyous holiday that celebrates a most selfless love of our God for us!

The composition of this work was inspired by my friend Sharon (Dubonnet) and the colors inspired by my recent trip to Duke Gardens. Thank YOU, Sharon, for the inspiration!!! Please stop by her flickr stream for some INCREDIBLE captures of luscioius flowers and much more!

Today is also a celebration of new life --- and we learned that we are to be grandparents once again! My son, Mike and his wife, Brittney, are expecting a child!

What an exciting time! Spring -- new life -- renewal - love --



maria said...

eine wunderschöne arbeit und eine tolle geschichte, ich bin angetan von deiner malerei und von deinen dazugehörigen interpretationen
schöne ostertage und lieben gruß´

Lorraine said...

Oh what an unusual and delightful interpretation of the tulips -- I'm so used to seeing stand upright like little soldiers at attention. And the colors are gorgeous. I especially love the colors in the leaves and stems and again that beautiful flow of color downward. The very epitome of spring. And a nice legend too.

Congratulations to Mike and Brittany and to the "once again" to be grandparents!

Big hugs,

Teri Casper said...

Happy Easter Lin, to you and all your loved ones.
Beauty painting.

Jane said...

What a beautiful watercolor, a mix of precision and looseness. Congratulations on becoming a grand mother exciting!!

Lynn said...

Beautifully the continued splashes of paint past the flowers!

Joan T said...

Great job on this!!! Super color!

Congratulations on the good news!