Thursday, June 28, 2012

Golden Rudbeckia - Class Demo - Retirement Day

10" x 14"
Arches 140#CP

It's 6:18 am and as I sit at my desk and work computer for the last time, I am filled with mixed emotions. There is so much of 'me' that I will be leaving here at the college and Arboretum, and so much to look forward to as I start the next phase of my life, that I feel I have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, and there's that awkwardness that standing in such a place engenders.

I am sad to leave for a lot of reasons, joyous for so many more. But today, as I say goodbye to the life I've known and lived for 11 years, it is, as expected, bittersweet.

I will miss the accomplishments, the friends, the families who have made my work and stay here such a joy. Having been fortunate to have a career in 'blue jeans' has been a blessing, as has working with plants, the creative endeavers of garden design, teaching, planning, lectures, workshops, community events. I leave the arboretum, as I'd hoped, further along its development. I'm grateful for the Trustees and supervisors who've entrusted me with the vision and responsibility to bring the Arboretum forward. And I'm grateful for the gifts, donations, grants and hard work of supporters and my loyal staff for making it all possible.

This last week has been typical and wonderful. I finished my "Art in the Garden" class and this rudbeckia was the project for my students. The sunshine of its colors also matches the week of bright sun and beautiful weather. Our trip and tour of coastal gardens yesterday was sheer delight - and today, we end with my retirement party and my incredible, loving, generous volunteers and staff.

The week has been a gift, as has been the work I've loved.

Tomorrow, another phase begins. Thank each of you for being with me through all of it.


Lorraine said...

A fitting painting for this special day. The sunny bring petals a harbinger of days to come -- not only the hot summer days of your new life but also the promise of glorious times and new adventures. Face to the sun!!

And the quiet more solemn colors of the leaves and foliage under the petals, are a more quiet thoughtful reminder of all you have accomplished, all you have loved and all those you have taught and helped and inspired. And of course those who have inspired you. A myriad of feelings, as you said, bittersweet, but memories you'll carry with you and that have enriched your life with the successes and the setbacks -- all those things that made you grow and learn. And now you'll take all those things forward into your new life, armed with another part of your history that has added richly to the knowledge and talents you had already acquired.

May your new life be filled with rest and reflection at first, followed by that incredible realization of all that now is available to you. Oh the choices!
And may your days be filled with doing what you love. You've always given so much of yourself, now it's your turn dear friend.

Heartfelt Congratulations! And smooth sailing......

Teri Casper said...

Best of everything in your 'new' life. I know it will be as successful as your 'old' one. You are very special Lin.

Joan T said...

This is a beautiful piece,Lin!

Retiring does bring out mixed emotions, and I know how much you loved what you were doing there.

Wishing you retirement days filled with sunshine, flowers, travels, and the endless love of friends and family! Enjoy!

Claire M said...

What a beautiful painting to remember this significant milestone with. Congratulations on your retirement and best wishes on the road ahead!!