Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lace Cap Hydrangea

Lace Cap Hydrangea by linfrye
Lace Cap Hydrangea, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

10" x 14"
Arches 140#CP

I uploaded several photos from my garden and posted them as a challenge here: (

I used the photo of the lace-cap hydrangea to paint. (I'm having my students work on the golden rudbeckia). In the painting, I see more yellow in the leaves and pink tones in the blossoms on the original than on the screen - Still, it was fun to do -

These will be my last four days of work: 1 day of finishing paperwork, 1 class, 1 trip, then a farewell/good luck party - and then 11 years of living out of town four days out of seven will be over - and an Arboretum and more accomplished. It's a good feeling -- scary too in a lot of ways - endings are never easy for me - and the transition to 'being at home' is another adventure - a bit planned, a bit uncertain, a lot open ...

I plan to continue teaching classes - from watercolor to crafts to altered books to gardening to herbs and cooking to heaven knows what else. I plan first get my house in order, reduce the clutter that has managed to accumulate, get my garden a bit more under control, paint, paint and paint.

I've already got a number of classes booked, promised visits to my mom and my daughter, and time promised with my son's children.

C and I are planning some long weekends - and for the first few weeks, I hope to catch up on my sleep and energy - the last few weeks of intense finalizing has made me a bit flagged.

Thank you all for your well wishes and kind thoughts. And thank you for your friendship and keeping me company along the way!

You are my blessings!

Have a great week!



Teri Casper said...

GASP!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Best of everything in your new ventures.

Cora said...

Fabulous flowers. Good luck for your coming retirement. Hope you'll have wonderful times with your entire family and at the same time doing what you intend to do. God bless.

annie said...

You bring so many lovely flowers and landscapes into our lives, Lin, along with your beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing so many years of loveliness with us. And good luck with this new phase of your life.


Lorraine said...

Yes,Gasp and Gorgeous. The flowers are such a lovely color and so beautifully detailed and oh those multi-colored leaves underneath -- perfection. This is an incredible painting Lin -- I believe your finest to date. Perhaps all the emotions of your years of work and the emotion of your upcoming life changes came together and formed the perfect emotional element!

All the very best to you -- you so richly deserve it all.
Hugs and Love,

Joan T said...

Gorgeous work on those tiny blossoms!!! Lovely color too.

Soon you will be able to take a breath and stop running from place to place. I don't know how you kept up with your hectic schedule. I am glad you will continue to share your knowledge by giving classes. You have so much to give. Don't forget to contact me when you are heading up to NY for a visit. We have to meet in person! Enjoy your day!

Margie Straiko said...

Lin...this is the first time I saw your blog. Love your work! I'm definitely on the same page you are on with all of this "stuff" you need to get behind you to let what your new life will be like to sift into place. It'll all happen and the days will still be full...but on a whole new comfort level!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Breathtaking. You have captured the beautiful colors in this lovely hydrangea.. Well done

Pamela said...

Beautiful and love the negative painting, and also near the veins of the leaves.

djr-aquarelle said...

the way you painted the flower is absolutely brilliant, Lin!