Friday, June 01, 2012

Morning on the Marsh

Morning on the Marsh by linfrye
Morning on the Marsh, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/2 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

I've been asked many times, "Where do you get your inspiration for your paintings?" And the question always surprises me - not for the curiosity it suggests, but more from the challenge of articulating an answer.

Some days inspiration comes from the most simple things: the way the sun lights my dining room table, the light on a leaf, the play of colors in my garden; sometimes even sounds - like trickling water in a creek, the rain on my skylights; or the smell of gardenias when I open my front door. Many more times, I am inspired by scenes captured by photographs or paintings or line work or simple washes of paint ane the suggestions they imply.

This painting was inspired by a photograph by Early Riser - . I love the way he captures morning views -- they bring me right back to the early mornings I spent in Charleston when I worked for the resorts on Johns Island. I would leave my home before sunrise, and by the time I was crossing over the island bridges, the sun would just be breaking the dawn. I would be rising higher on the bridge as the sun made its ascent - and like morning magic, we'd meet at the highest rise. For some reason, that 'meeting' created such a feeling of hope and optimism for the day.... the sun above, the marsh below... and the day ahead.

And so when I saw this particular capture, I was transported right back to those days, those magical moments, and I tried to capture that particular feeling in this painting.

Thank you, Brian for the inspiration of your work, and for evoking a most precious memory for me and a painting of marsh memories.


Lorraine said...

WOW. The colors and the light -- overwhelming in their beauty. You have taken inspiration from a lovely photo and turned it into an incredibly beautiful painting. I am in awe.

And your poetic text to go along with it sets the scene in my mind. I can see it, feel it, and I am right there. Lin, I keep saying it, you should write and paint -- together you create a wonderful combination of life as seen from your perspective.

Thank you for this beautiful morning delight.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Lovely Marsh... I can almost smell the pluff mud :-)

Teri Casper said...

The atmosphere you created in here is awesome, and well, marshy. Love it.

maria said...

oh lin ist das wunderschön, eine stimmung zum verlieben und zum verweilen, bin begeistert.....vor allem diese farben sind ungemein ansprechend
lieben gruß maria

Janina B. said...

Hi Lin. Ich habe schon Dein Bild beim flicr bewundert. Es ist bezaubernd, wie Du mallst. Kompliment und Grüsse

Joan T said...

Beautiful light and color!!! Seeing a sunrise is just the perfect way to start the day!

Isn't it strange how something different can inspire you to create each time?

Have a great day!!!

djr-aquarelle said...

a winner painting!!!

Anonymous said...

well you got it just right. I can feel that hot summer sun first thing in the morning, soooo beautiful Lin
peace n abundance,