Monday, June 04, 2012

Poppies Squared

Poppies Squared by linfrye
Poppies Squared, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/4 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

Like others on Flickr these last few weeks, I seem to be focused on poppies these days. This painting was inspired by our recent visit to Montrose Gardens, Hillsborough, NC. As happens each spring, Nancy's historic and glorious garden is filled with every variety of these beauties. The cottage-style of her gardens is just perfect for the poppy's effusiveness and multitude of colors. What a joy to see!

And to think, I will soon have enough time to see them more often!

I have turned in my retirement notice -- and will be officially 'retired' at the end of this month. It was a difficult decision to make after 11 years of dedicated work to the project of building an arboretum, starting a two-year horticulture program, creating a solid lecture series and volunteer core, annual plant sales, seeking grants and gifts, and more. My association with this arboretum has been so long and so productive, and the fine folks I've met along the way have meant so much to me - that the decision to begin another phase in my life was mighty challenging.

Still, I'm not as young as I was when I started this venture, and my grandchildren are getting older too - and after 11 years of living 4 days out of 7 away from home -- it is time that I turn to things less stressful and less intense.

My plan is to continue teaching the classes I began at the Arboretum: gardening, art, soapcrafting, collage, herbs, cooking, watercolor - but to do all those closer to home. I'm excited, nervous, and yet anxious to finally slow down my frenetic pace.

And return to my own garden - and plant some poppies of my own!

Have a great week!


Cora said...

Lin, this is really a fantastic job. I like very much the background, it appears like it contains tiles on the wall. Retiring is not really stopping totally from the work that we used to love for a long time. It is at least in my opinion doing things in our own time and way; and staying more at home to enjoy life with our loves. Good luck for your coming retirement. Cora

maria said...

love your story, which is very touching and - there is always a beginning and, unfortunately, also an end ....... you'll enjoy your retirement lin, it will be beautiful and exciting ........
and thy poppy ...... just wonderful, the variety of color alone is gorgeous, I love this plant over alll,

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love your story, which is very touching and - there is always a beginning and, unfortunately, also an end ....... you'll enjoy your retirement lin, it will be beautiful and exciting ........ and yoir poppies...... just wonderful, the variety of color alone is gorgeous, I love this plant over alll...
greetings maria

Lorraine said...

Wow; terrific painting Lin. I love the
combination of Unryu paper and your geometric background. It's perfect for the white poppies -- soft and hard edges surrounding the beautifully painted flowers. Another winner.

You have accomplished so much and worked so diligently at the college, with all your activities, and I am so happy that you will now be starting on the next adventure in your life. I hope it comes with a slower pace and much satisfaction. You certainly deserve it and your dedication to your artwork shows that you have now arrived at another high point in your life -- enjoy it to the max.
Big hugs,

Lorraine said...

WOW. I love the combination of your geometric background and the Unryu paper -- soft and hard edges surrounding the beautifully rendered poppies. This is yet another delightful surprise from your brush!!

Congratulations on your retirement. I know that you have worked diligently and long hours to accomplish all that you have at the college and arboretum -- kudos to you. You should be proud of your success and the legacy you leave.

I hope your next adventure in life is soul satisfying and a bit less hectic. It has been a joy to my heart to watch your artwork progress from that very first watercolor attempt (those pears, oh those pears) to the wide variety of styles you have mastered over the years -- and are still surprising us each day with more!!

Big hugs,

Lorraine said...

Not sure what is up with Blogger this morning. It "erased" my first message so I tried again. It got erased again. But, it shows 4 comments so I got out and came back again -- still shows 4 but I can't see mine.

Teri Casper said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Retirement is the greatest!!! Sounds like you are keeping your hand in a bit and that is good.

Love the geometry of this piece and the colors are glorious!

Janina B. said...

Oh Lin. es ist etwas ganz anderes alles sonst bei Dir und doch Deine Pinselführung ist unverkennbar. Herrliches Bild Lin.
Grüsse Dich

Anonymous said...

just love these and the background is dynamite...

Joan T said...

Beautiful!!! I don't think I've seen poppies in this color before. I have a technical question for you. How did your get the white lines in the background? I like that effect.

Congratulations on your news!!! I know it must have been a hard decision to make, but I am sure you will enjoy retirement and teaching your classes. All the best wishes for a wonderful retirement!

Dorothy said...

Hi Lin, Your poppies are beautiful! Your paintings depict so many different techniques, and You continually inspire me with your beautiful work!
And congratulations on your retirement!!! I know what a difficult decision it can be; I just retired in December. But you'll love it, you have so many wonderful interests and time is a very precious thing; now it will be your own!!! Enjoy!!!

Lise Steenerson said...

Love this piece!!! Stunning