Friday, June 21, 2013


9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

While visiting Doris, we worked a number of days in her garden. It was always such a pleasure to see what was blooming there. Since her home in Germany was north of my southern US home, I got to experience spring twice ... arriving with the tulips and plum blossoms, experiencing the fragrance and beauty of lilacs, the first collection of spring lettuces, the incredible beauty of peonies, the blooming of azaleas and rhododendron and so much more. I greatly enjoyed, too, the addition of these colorful poppies, sitting in a large pottery jar on the patio. Each day we'd note the changes and new blooms .. such cheerful flowers

One mild, warm afternoon, I sat in the sun and sketched the blossoms and later painted them. They so remind me of my time with Doris and the garden we both love.

Happy First Day of Summer!


Lorraine said...

Oh this is truly lovely and so beautifully painted Lin. I love not only the flowers but the wonderful colors in the leaves and the gorgeous background.

How delightful to enjoy two springs (much better than two summers),

A nice way to usher in summer which here today will be in the 90's as befits the season!!

Joan T said...

Happy first day of summer!!! Lovely job on these flowers. It must have been nice to have spring extended through your trip. You and Doris must have had a wonderful time! Have a great weekend!!!